Our Policies

Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, Pricing & Promotion Policy.

Buyers Policy

Ensure receipt of service

The management of the Fikom Freelancer website is committed to protecting your rights and ensuring the receipt of the service you have purchased, as long as the agreement is in the Fikom Freelancer website and does not violate the terms of use and the Fikom Freelancer guarantee. 

Process fees

A Process fee is added in your basket of purchases to the amount of services in the basket, which is 10% on each order. These fees help us invest more in developing the platform at a faster rate, as well as improving the technical support services provided to you.


You can recover the amount you paid for a canceled request to your Paypal account or credit card by opening a ticket in the Help Center .. The refund process is subject to several conditions, including:

  • Terms of payment method (Paypal and credit cards). If the payment method, for example, does not provide the option to return the amount, we cannot do that from Fikom Freelancer, and in general, the balances will be available in your account to use it anytime.
  • If the payment method provides the refund within a specified period, we are obligated to this period.
  • A deduction of 6% is deducted from the refund process, and it is only the transfer fee
  • Therefore, please make sure to read the terms of the payment method you use before paying. And then follow up with us through the help center in case you want to return.

Reasons for suspending the account

Examples of illegal uses, or inappropriate to the nature of the website, which Fikom Freelancer reserves the right to freeze the buyer's account or permanently suspend it if it is done through it:

  • Using a stolen or non-user-owned payment method.
  • Offer payment for services outside the Fikom Freelancer website.
  • Request the implementation of services that violate the terms of use.

Sellers Policy

Rights guarantee

Fikom Freelancer guarantees that you will receive the amount of the services it performs, provided that you adhere to the terms of using the website. Your use of the website means your acceptance of the Fikom Freelancer rule if a dispute occurs with a buyer, and this provision is binding on both parties.

Prohibited services

By using Fikom Freelancer, you undertake not to add any prohibited service in violation of the terms and conditions of use, from the prohibited services, for example, but not limited to:

  • Political services, sectarianism, and services that violate the general laws and state regulations, the conditions of other sites related to them, or the terms of Islam.
  • Spam, services that are meaningless, and services that are vague and misleading to buyers.
  • Low-quality services.
  • Services that violate intellectual property rights.
  • Services that harm the Fikom Freelancer website or its users, directly or indirectly.
  • Services that lead to the transaction and payment outside the Fikom Freelancer website.
  • One-time services.
  • Completely copied services from other vendors.
  • Financial transfer services such as transferring an amount to a bank account or transferring via Western Union and the like, charging mobile or site balances, selling Visa cards or charging cards, including services related to shipping digital currencies.
  • Services that are implemented for a very long period of more than a month, such as hosting and buying a domain for a year and others, and the Fikom Freelancer website cannot provide a guarantee for them.
  • Forex services, hierarchical and network marketing.
  • Digital marketing services in illegal ways (attracting visitors, ratings, fans, views, fake followers, or backlinks ...) that depend on spam sites or exchange sites and servers. Such as: I added 100 fans, 100 comments..etc. E-marketing services that adopt a legitimate marketing method such as advertising campaigns are accepted, publishing in the account, website, or page of the seller .., and the service is deleted and its requests canceled and the seller’s account may be suspended in the event that a report is not submitted to the customer upon the request for receipt explaining the legitimate implementation method through which it was carried out with results the service.
  • Hosting reservation services
  • Services that request personal information that is not necessary to implement the service and services that require sensitive personal information to be implemented, such as full credit card information or the buyer's bank account.

Service violations

In the case of services that contain violations that can be corrected, the service is temporarily rejected with a message sent to the seller identifying the violations in his service and he can amend them and correct the violation. Examples of service violations:

  • Unspecified services. As an copy writing service without word limit, for $ 10.
  • A service with a period contrary to the description, for example you submit an advertisement for a month, then the execution period must be set a month. The button to submit the request is not pressed until after 15 days have passed.
  • Services that contain phrases of exaggeration or temporary or unclear offers in the title such as: (best service, exclusive offer, for a limited time, gift)
  • Services in which the description has been repeated several times to fill the void.
  • Use special characters, symbols and motifs, spaces in the title of the service. Or exaggerate it in the description.
  • Services that do not contain a business model but must be present, such as design services.
  • The service contains an infringing image, a poor quality image, or a video that violates the terms of Fikom Freelancer.
  • The service contains means of communication or a request for it, even if it is in the field of instructions.
  • The seller's requirement or request that the buyer contacted him before purchasing the service. The pre-purchase communication feature is available only in case of additional inquiries of the buyer, and it is prohibited for the seller to contact the seller before purchasing.
  • A request to purchase the service more than once, and the buyer gets additional offers instead of using service upgrades.
  • The image of the service or its business models contain the logos of companies, institutions, or any entities that are included in government institutions.

Waiting 24 hours before service delivery

Since there are users who may use Paypal accounts or stolen credit cards to pay, we advise the seller not to implement the service during the same day, and to wait at least 24 hours; It is the period during which notification arrives from Paypal or the payment gateway of an unauthorized use. In the event that we complete transactions with these stolen accounts, we will have to cancel them and deduct them from the seller's account.

Reasons for suspending the account

Examples of illegal uses, or inappropriate to the nature of the website, which Fikom Freelancer reserves the right to freeze the seller's account or permanently suspend it if it is done through it:

  • Sending a request to receive the service or persuading the buyer to accept the receipt in order to obtain the amount of the service before fully implementing it.
  • The seller has offered services that he does not know well, or the implementation of low-quality services and reliance on automated programs to implement the service. For example, but not limited to, selling copied content, relying on translation programs, and automatically generating logos and designs.
  • Request communication or payment for services outside the Fikom Freelancer website.
  • An agreement by the seller with a user to purchase his services for evaluation purposes only, and both accounts will be suspended together.
  • Deleting or stopping a service and then resubmitting it in order to delete or hide the negative evaluation.
  • Acting as a mediator between a seller and a buyer within Fikom Freelancer, so that he receives requests from the buyer and requests the services of another seller to implement them.
  • The process of canceling orders without apparent reason.
  • Accepting the implementation of services that violate the terms of use.

Suspended account earnings

Sellers are able to withdraw their legitimate profits from suspended accounts after a security period of 45 days for verification and review, starting from the day of the last payment received in their accounts, and the matter is subject to the discretion of Fikom Freelancer.

General Policy

Service price

Services are provided on Fikom Freelancer at a starting price of $10, and service upgrades can be added at a higher price. Service upgrades are additional benefits over the original service that the seller offers for an additional price.

Intellectual property rights for works performed via Fikom Freelancer

By default, and unless otherwise clearly indicated in the service description or in the agreement before the start of implementation, the buyer owns all intellectual property rights and copyrights for the services he received in Fikom Freelancer, and the seller has no right to impose additional rights on the service after starting its implementation or Delivered.

Account suspension

Users may receive alerts for violating Fikom Freelancer terms and conditions on the website or via the associated email. Violating the terms of use in Fikom Freelancer may lead to permanent suspension of the account.

Examples of illegal uses, or inappropriate to the nature of the website, and which Fikom Freelancer reserves the right to freeze any account or permanently suspend it if it's done through it:

  • Attempt to harm the Fikom Freelancer website or its users by any means.
  • Posting any private information that is not available to anyone other than the user himself in text or pictures, such as messages within the requests between the seller and the buyer, or letters of technical support tickets, in what is considered a violation of the privacy of Fikom Freelancer.
  • Using messages before purchase for any purpose other than inquiring about the service to purchase it.
  • Selling the account in Fikom Freelancer, and upon discovering the sale of any account, it is immediately suspended with all its balance and no party can benefit from it.
  • Impersonating another person or registering a male in the name of a female, or vice versa. As well as uploading a personal photo for the account that is not for the account owner himself or using the names and pictures of public figures, or registering with a different user name such as: phone number, email, website address, names with a harmful or insulting meaning.
  • Using the website’s services for political or sectarian purposes or being offensive to any Arab or Islamic country in any way.
  • Posting anything that violates Islamic law in any way, or violates regulatory laws. For example, but not limited to: deception, forgery, and fraud, threatening or harassing any person, company or group, publishing pornography or sexual material, spreading viruses or spyware, placing links to sites containing such violations.

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